DITA Migration, XML, and XSLT

I began working with SGML in 1995 and with XML in the 2000's. I have worked with DITA, DocBook, NLM, and custom DTDs. I am a Structured FrameMaker expert. I know the SDL and EasyDITA content management systems, and the XMetaL and oXygen XML editors.

Recently I have specialized in helping clients migrate content to DITA and other XML standards:

  • Converting badly-structured HTML documentation for a C database API into DocBook XML content for the equivalent C++ API, using XSLT scripts that I wrote.
  • Converting 3,000 pages of unstructured FrameMaker content to DITA via Structured FrameMaker and custom XSLT scripts.
  • Converting Word content to DITA for SDK products, identifying reuse opportunities across the documentation, and helping the client refine and implement a reuse strategy.

Content Development

I have 30 years of experience writing software and hardware documentation for engineering audiences.

EDA Software

I spent 9 years at Valid (later Cadence) as a staff and contract writer. I wrote online documentation for UNIX Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software as both a project leader and an individual contributor. I also conducted usability tests of online help systems. I documented schematic and layout synthesizers, circuit simulators, translators, and IC layout design products.

For other EDA clients, I have documented verification, analog circuit synthesis, yield improvement, mixed-signal simulation, and FPGA software products.

Software APIs

I have documented C, C++, Java, COM/ActiveX, Tcl, and Cadence SKILL (Lisp) APIs. I have worked with JavaDoc and Doxygen.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Software and Hardware

I documented semiconductor equipment process control products and wrote the patent disclosures for those products. I also documented data collection software for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, high-speed test equipment, and test software.

Data Storage and Deduplication

At Data Domain and EMC, I wrote reference, repair, and application documentation for data storage products.

Medical, Telephony, and Audio Processing

At Diasonics (later Toshiba), I wrote specifications and operator manuals for medical imaging systems. At Cisco, I wrote API documentation for IP phone call control software. At Dolby Laboratories, I wrote audio processing SDK documentation.